1. A Resource

    Find out how attorneys are assigned, locate housing, public services and more.

  2. Arizona Revised Statutes

    Gather more information about the statutes and regulations of the state of Arizona.

  3. Criminal Case Search

    Access the Superior Court of Maricopa County website to search for criminal court cases and learn more information about your case.

  4. Criminal Justice System Reports

    Review a number of available Maricopa County Criminal Justice System reports, both monthly performance and annual activities, as well as Arizona Arrestee Reporting Information Network (AARIN) reports.

  5. FAQs

    Find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  6. Integrated Criminal Justice Information System

    Integrated Criminal Justice Information System (ICJIS) is a Maricopa County department that assists stakeholders to electronically exchange data between their mission critical case management systems and other County, State and Federal partners.

  7. Law Library

    View the Law Library of Maricopa County website and learn more about the services they provide.

  8. Probation Services

    Discover the probation services offered through the Superior Court of Maricopa County.

  9. Superior Court Self-Service Center

    Find self-help forms and resources provided by the Maricopa County Superior Court Law Library Resource Center, to help individuals help themselves in Court.