Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

How do I dispose of my unwanted paint?
Unwanted paint can be recycled for a fee at businesses such as, Stericycle Specialty Waste Solutions. Please call 602-276-7602 for more information.

Paint may also be disposed of as trash AFTER it has been hardened. To harden paint; add paint hardener (may be purchased at home improvement stores) or, clay cat litter to the paint, leave the paint can open and let it dry. When paint is dry, leave the lid off and dispose of in your regular trash.
Why is the transfer station closed on Wednesday's if the actual holiday is Monday
Because the holiday is observed on a day that the transfer station is normally closed our staff is given the next business day to observe the holiday.
Where else can I take my trash when you are closed?
Please see our listing of landfill services.
Do I need to show proof of residency?
Proof of residency is not required.
Can I pay with a credit card
The transfer stations take cash only. You will be given a receipt
I have just remodeled my bathroom; can I bring the construction debris to your transfer station?
Construction debris of any kind is not allowed.
Can I bring my old refrigerator for disposal?
For an $8.00 fee county transfer stations can take used refrigerator's AFTER the Freon is evacuated, the compressor is removed and, tagged by an appropriate vendor.
Is there anything I need to do before I bring my household trash to a county transfer station?
All residential trash loads need to be bagged (no loose trash) to comply with A.R.S. 49-762.07.

And, in accordance with A.R.S. 28-1098.A, vehicles need to be loaded in such a manner to prevent any of its load from dropping, sifting, leaking or otherwise escaping from the vehicle.
Can I dispose of manure at a county transfer station?
The county transfer stations no longer accept manure. Please see the listing of alternative locations.
What can I do with my household hazardous waste (HHW)?
  • The county transfer stations can take a limited amount (5 gallons) of used oil and antifreeze for recycling.
  • Companies such as, Stericycle Specialty Waste Solutions, may take other HHW material for a fee. Please call 602-276-7602 for more information.
  • Contact your municipality to see if there is an HHW event in your area.
Can I dispose of my light bulbs at a county transfer station?
The county transfer stations do not take any type of light bulbs. Companies such as, Batteries Plus Bulbs, recycle a number of items including batteries and light bulbs. Please contact the nearest location, fees may apply.
How should I dispose of my empty grill propane tank?

Small camping propane tanks (Coleman) may be thrown away in the trash AFTER the tank has been properly emptied. Larger tanks for home gas grills may NOT be thrown away in the trash. For alternative ideas please use the following link.


Where can I dispose of my tires?
At any County Waste Disposal and Recycling Center, Household Hazardous Waste Event or at our Waste Tire Recycle Center. The tire center where you purchase your new tires will dispose of your old ones for you. However, you must give the tire center your old tires when you purchase new ones. Check with your municipality for collection locations in your city or town.
Can I stockpile the tires?
No. Stockpiling tires is illegal and a health risk to you, your family and all the other residents in the Valley.  Disposing of the tires, for free, at the Waste Tire Recycling Center in Queen Creek (map) is the best and legal option for waste tire disposal. You may obtain a free waste tire permit to haul and dispose of 50 or more tires on a regular basis.
Are there any restrictions to the types of tires accepted at the collection sites?
Tires that are not acceptable are:
  • Tires on rims.
  • Tires encased with dirt or other contaminates.
  • Tires generated or collected from outside of Maricopa County
What is required when bringing tires to the waste tire collection site?
You must have a manifest for each quantity of waste tires collected and brought to the designated collection site(s). One load of tires may consist of several locations and manifests. The manifest must include:
  • Generator information
  • Hauler information
  • Type and quantity of tires
The hauler is responsible for stacking off road tires in the designated tire cells. The hauler is also responsible for dumping and piling all other tires in an orderly manner in the designated tire cells and for stabilizing all tires within the tire cell’s parameter to ensure clear passageways.

All individuals entering a collection site are required to follow all rules and regulations set forth by the Solid Waste Management Department.
Are there any disposal fees charged at the waste tire collection sites? If so, what are the costs?
Current charges as of July 1, 2002
  • On road program tires $0 / ton
  • Off-road tires $140 / ton
  • Mixed loads  $140 / ton
  • Special Clean up 50+ pass. & truck $84 / ton
Is there a charge to residents who dispose of tires at the waste tire collection sites?
A waste tire collection site shall not refuse waste tires from a Maricopa County resident who is not a seller of motor vehicle tires and may not impose a tire-tipping fee for up to five waste tires per year. Waste tire collection sites may impose a tire-tipping fee on waste tires in excess of five tires per year from a resident of the county who is not a seller of motor vehicle tires.
Will Maricopa County accept tires generated outside the county?
No. The present legislation does not provide funding that covers the cost of maintaining and recycling of these tires. The disposal of these tires should be in the county or state that they originated. Another County may make arrangements with Maricopa County to dispose of their waste tires through our Tire Recycling Program.
What happens to the tires after they arrive at the collection sites?
Maricopa County Solid Waste Management is responsible for maintaining the tires on the collection site as per Arizona Department of Environmental Quality regulations. A contract award occurs after a stringent competitive bidding process. The contractor removes and recycles the waste tires as per the Arizona Waste Tire Disposal Statues. Tires are collected by Crum Rubber Management in Queen Creek. There the tires are safely recycled into crum rubber.
Does Maricopa County report to another agency in regard to the waste tire collection activities?
Yes. Arizona Department of Environmental Quality requires quarterly and annual reports. The reports include:
  • The number of eligible waste tires collected each month at each site with a list of registered tire dealers delivering the tires to each collection site and the number of tires from each dealer.
  • The number of tires collected each month at each collection site from sources other than registered tire dealers
  • The number of tires transported out of each collection site.
  • The estimated number of tires remaining at each collection site at the end of the preceding fiscal year.
  • The amount of monies received and expended pursuant to the waste tire program.
What types of tires are covered under the current waste tire disposal legislation?
Waste tires generated from the sale of new on road motor vehicle tires.
Who is responsible for charging and collecting the environmental disposal fee?
  • A retail seller of new motor vehicle tires shall collect a fee of two percent of the purchase price for each tire sold but not more than two dollars for each tire sold; the fee must be listed separately on any invoice.
  • If in a sale of a motor vehicle by a manufacturer to a wholesaler or retailer the cost of the tires as a separate component of the motor vehicle is not specified by the manufacturer, the fee per tire to be collected shall not exceed one-half of the maximum fee permitted under this section for a motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight less than ten thousand pounds.
  • A wholesale seller of new motor vehicle tires who sells tires to this state or a political subdivision of this state or who sells tires to a private entity which does not resell the tires shall collect a fee of two percent of the purchase price for each tire sold but not more than two dollars for each tire sold, which shall be listed separately on any invoice.
  • A credit of ten cents per tire is allowed against the fee for expenses incurred by the payer of the fee for accounting for and reporting the fees.
What happens to collected fees?
The fee is sent to the Department of Revenue for deposit on quarterly basis in the waste tire fund. Contact the Department of Revenue at 255-2060 for further information and assistance regarding their reporting requirements.
Who is required to register with Maricopa County?
Any individual or company that generates waste tires in Maricopa County and will utilize the Maricopa County Waste Tire collection Sites for proper disposal of waste tires.
When does the registration take place?
  • The waste tire generator must complete a one-page registration form. Regular registrations expire on December 31st. Special Clean up registrations expires 30 days from date of registration. The representative receives a copy of the registration form at the time of registration.
  • If the waste tire generator is a new tire dealer, a copy of the most recent Department of Revenue TR-1 quarterly report is required at time of registration.
  • Re-registration occurs annually during the month of December for waste tire generators that will continue utilizing Maricopa County Waste Tire Collection Sites during the upcoming calendar year. The deadline for re-registration is December 31st.
Is there a fee for registering?