Waste Resources and Recycling

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is a crime

The purpose of the Illegal Dumping Remediation is to provide outreach and educational information services to Maricopa County residents to increase their awareness of the impact, consequences and alternatives to illegally dumping waste.

Illegal dumping, sometimes referred to as desert dumping, blight, and open dumping, is the disposal or storage of regulated solid waste such as household garbage, appliances, furniture, hazardous waste, tires, yard waste and construction and demolition debris in a location other than a landfill, waste transfer station, recycling center or local curbside waste management provider.

Illegal dumping costs Maricopa County taxpayers thousands of dollars each year for cleanup and illegal dumping poses a threat to the environment and our public health and safety. Objects dumped along roadways can be hazardous for travelers. Tires littering the desert, waterways and illegally stocked piled can create fire hazards. Toxic chemicals can spill into our waterways because of illegal dumping of paint, cleaners, automobile fluids, appliances, pesticides, and mercury. Chemicals can seep into the ground and rain can carry these hazardous materials into the waterways and, sometimes, into your wells. Illegal Dumping can become breeding grounds for insects and rodents who can carry deadly viruses to humans. 

Maricopa County agencies receive over 100 illegal dump notices annually and even more of these sites go unreported. The county assists with community clean ups each year on reported illegal dumping sites, these clean ups resolve a fraction of the illegally disposed of waste in Maricopa County. 

Illegal dump sites diminish the beauty and quality of life in Arizona. Don't let Maricopa County become a dumpsite. Protect your environment and family by reporting acts of illegal dumping.

Get involved with municipal Adopt-a-Highway programs via the Arizona DOT and Maricopa County DOT.

To file a complaint of junk, trash, and other types of illegally disposed of waste.

By Phone: 602-506-DUMP