Waste Tire Permit Instructions

Waste Resources & Recycling Management
Queen Creek Tire Collection Facility
11400 E. Pecos Road
Queen Creek, AZ 85242

How to apply for a tire permit

There are three ways to apply:

  1. Complete the form and submit it via e-mail to McCartneyr@mail.maricopa.gov or,
  2. Fax the application to 480-888-2706 or,
  3. Apply in person at the Maricopa County Waste Tire Collection Facility

There are two types of permits

  1. Regular Permit for New and Used Tire Dealers, good for one full calendar year.
  2. Special Permit is for one time cleanup of illegally discarded waste tires and is valid for 30 days.

What you need to apply for a Waste Tire Permit

  1. Tire Dealers must attach a copy of your Business License along with your permit application. If you have more than one location, you must list each location in your application before you utilize the facilities.
  2. New Tire Dealers are required to submit a copy of their TR-1 with the tire permit application.
  3. All residents will need their County Assessor Parcel Number on the application and a photocopy of their AZ D.L. OR I.D. with your permit application.

How to fill out the tire permit form

  1. Name of Company – tire generators place the name of their business or if you are a resident write your full name.
  2. Type of business - Choose New or Used tire dealer. Sales ID # - business use your Federal Tax Identification number. If you are a resident and not a business check one-time special clean up. Residents use your property parcel number
  3. Street Address –Where the waste tires are stored, street address, City, State and Zip code.
  4. Mailing Address- where you can be reached by mail.
  5. Telephone- A number you can be reached at if any questions and a fax number.
  6. Authorized representative- Name of the person filling in the form. You must fill in both blanks for the authorized representative with date.
  7. E-Mail or fax your completed form to one of our Waste Tire Collection representatives.  They will contact you on the status of your application.

Tips for Waste Tire Disposal

  1. Bring your completed waste tire disposal manifest, one for each place of business or each resident you collected tires from to the Tire Recycling Facility. The manifest is mandatory and your tire load will be rejected without proper paperwork. Bring a copy of the generator permit to the Tire Recycling facility. The permit is required to dispose of your tires.
  2. Tires must be generated within Maricopa County.
  3. Make sure your tires that are removed from the rim and not encased with dirt.
  4. Shredded, burnt, cut, or encased with dirt tires are not accepted.
  5. Residents may dispose of a maximum of 50 waste tires per year.
  6. You must follow all posted rules at the disposal site.


Waste Resources & Recycling Tire Collection Site
11400 E. Pecos Road
Queen Creek, AZ 85242

Where to call for additional information and location

Office (480) 987-2498 or
Fax (480) 888-2706

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is there a fee for registering?
Who is required to register with Maricopa County?

Any individual or company that generates waste tires in Maricopa County and utilize the Maricopa County Waste Tire Collection Site for proper disposal.

What is a regular permit?

A permit valid for one year, used to transport used tires by a waste tire generator.

What is a waste tire?

Tires no longer suitable for their original intended purpose because of wear damage or defect.

What is a waste tire generator?

Any individual or company that generates waste tires or sells new or used tires.

What is a hauler?

A person assigned by the generator to take their tires to the tire site.

What is a special permit?

A 30 day permit issued for the disposal of illegally dumped tires.

What is a Waste Tire Disposal Manifest?

A form used to provide information on the quantity of tires, your name or business, the date and place of disposal.