Spouse's Information Incorrect

The Decedent's Marital Status &/or Their Spouse's Information is Incorrect

When there is a question about the marital status of the Decedent (the death certificate states the Decedent was divorced and someone alleges they were married to the Decedent at the time of death, for example), the following steps must be followed:
  1. Either the informant on the original certificate or a member of the Decedent's immediate family completes an Affidavit to Correct (Death) (PDF)
  2. The immediate family member must provide proof of relationship to the Decedent
  3. They must include a factual document that establishes the validity of the requested change
  4. Notarize their signature on the Affidavit to Correct (Death) (PDF) form
  5. Complete and sign an Application
  6. Provide the correction fee
We will then notify the informant named on the original death certificate of the request and nature of the change submitted. The informant has 14 calendar days from the date the notice is mailed to respond.

Response to Corrected Form

If the Office of Vital Registration does not receive a response from the informant in the prescribed time, or the informant responds favorably, the correction will then be made to the death certificate. If the informant disputes the claim, no change will be made until additional documentary evidence is provided (a divorce decree or marriage certificate are common examples). In these cases, the State Registrar will determine the sufficiency of the evidence provided. The final alternative is for the person requesting the change to seek a court order and provide the State Office of Vital Records with a certified copy of that order stating the correction to be made.

Note: The informant is the person listed on the death certificate as having provided all of the personal information to whoever prepared the death certificate. An immediate family member is limited to the Decedent's mother, father, sister, brother, son or daughter.

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