Arizona State Legislature

Counties are irreversibly linked to state government in Arizona. Maricopa County has built upon statutory connections between the state and counties to create long-standing partnerships and joint operations with state agencies.

Government Relations works to enact policy goals established by the Board of Supervisors in each legislative session, and defends the county against legislative proposals that would have negative consequences for county budgeting or operations. Our relationship with the state is built on close cooperation. When the state experienced budget shortfalls, Maricopa County was repeatedly the only county willing to step forward to accept temporary shifts or funding responsibilities. As the state’s revenues increase, we work to restore our funding partnerships to pre-recession levels.

County Supervisors Association

The County Supervisors Association (CSA) serves as a non-partisan forum for county supervisors and managers to address important issues facing local constituents. The organization works to share information and develop a proactive state and federal policy agenda.

All elected supervisors from Arizona’s 15 counties are members of the CSA Board of Directors, and provide input into organization strategy and operational performance. Each year the Board elects six members to serve in CSA leadership positions, and each county appoints a representative to the Legislative Policy Committee.

CSA is a key partner in Maricopa County’s legislative efforts, and Government Relations works closely with the CSA staff to develop research and information for our legislative strategies.