Interactive Parcel Maps / PlanNet

Welcome to PlanNet, Maricopa County Planning and Development Department's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) homepage. This site was created to help you more quickly and easily locate the various services, data, ordinances, and maps developed and administered by the Department and other partner agencies.

Maricopa County Resources

  • PlanNet has been developed to provide easy access to the information and maps associated with the zoning, annexations, floodplain and other delineations within Maricopa County.
  • Maricopa County GIS Maps and Services - interactive maps from a variety of county GIS sources.
  • Assessor - parcel information and mapping

State of Arizona Resources

  • State Land Department (ALRIS) - Provides geographic information system information for public agencies in the state.
  • Arizona Geographic Information Council - AGIC promotes the use of GIS and related technologies to address problems, develop plans, and manage the nature, economic and infrastructure resources of the state.
  • Department of Water Resources - Index wells monitor data and specific hydrologic factors statewide.

Industry and National Resources

For additional information, call 602-506-3301 or email Planning and Development.