Online Dust Control Permit Applications

Complete a dust control application, submit, and pay online in three easy steps.

Step 1

Complete the both a Dust Control Application Form (PDF) and a Dust Control Plan (PDF).

Homeowners who are conducting routine maintenance, landscaping, weed removal, or similar activities using mechanized equipment and are not conducting construction activities may be eligible to complete a Stationary Dust Permit Application (PDF) and Stationary Dust Control Plan (PDF) instead.

Site Map Guidelines

Some of the important things to include on the site map that you create include:

  • Entire project site boundaries
  • Nearest main crossroads
  • North arrow
  • Area to be disturbed with linear dimensions
  • Site entrance(s)
  • Save the map in PDF format for online submission

Tips for Step 1

  • Select an answer for every blank on the form.
  • Be sure to utilize the “Completeness Checker” button on the bottom of each form to ensure you have completed the documents.
  • Save each file in an easily accessible area on your computer as you will need to find and attach these documents in step 3.
Sample Site Map image showing what a completed site map might look like


Step 2

Go to the Air Quality Bill Pay website and create a user login.
Image of Create User page on the Air Quality Bill Pay website

Step 3

Attach your documents and pay.
Image of Applicant Information and Attachments page of the Air Quality Bill Pay website.

Have Questions?

Email or or call 602-506-6010.
Page reviewed 17 June 2019.