Online Dust Control Permit Applications

Complete a dust control permit application, submit, and pay online in three easy steps.

Step 1

Complete both the Dust Control Permit Application - Section 1, Application and the Dust Control Permit Application - Section 2, Dust Control Plan
If you are conducting routine maintenance, landscaping, weed removal, or similar activities using mechanized equipment, and are not conducting construction activities, you may be eligible to complete a Stationary Dust Permit Application and Stationary Dust Control Plan instead.

Project Site Drawing Guidelines

A dust control permit will not be issued unless a project site drawing is submitted. Some of the important things to include on the project site drawing include:
  • Entire project site boundaries and disturbed surface area boundaries
  • Area to be disturbed with linear dimensions (including staging areas, stockpiles, access and haul roads, parking, driveways, and storage)
  • Nearest main crossroads
  • North arrow
  • Access point(s) - planned exit locations onto areas accessible to the public
  • Unpaved parking lot(s)

Be sure to save the drawing in a PDF format for online submission. See a drawing example below.

Project Site Drawing Example

Step 2

Go to the department online services and bill pay page. Either login to an existing account or create a new account. If you are unsure if an old account exists, you can create a new account in its place.
Online Services and Bill Pay Example

Step 3

Select "Dust Control Permit", attach required documents, then proceed to "Make a Payment".
Dust Application Online Submission Example

Have Questions?

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Page reviewed 24 September 2019