An operating permit must be obtained from the Drinking Water Program for:
  • A Community Public Water System
  • A Non-Community Public Water System

Issuance of Permits

An initial operating permit will be issued for a new Public Water System after a New Source Approval has been issued by the Department for PWS.

Vehicles hauling water for drinking or "potable" uses must be operated with a permit. In order to qualify for a permit, the vehicle must be inspected and must comply with all regulations listed in Chapter V, Section 2 of the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code and Title 18, Chapter 4, Section 125 of the Arizona Administrative Code. Potable water transportation operating permits are issued by the Department's Solid Waste program.

Please contact the Solid Waste Program to obtain additional information about Potable Water Transportation operating permits.

Permit Fees & Renewals

The fees for operating permits are listed in the fee schedule in Chapter I of the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code. The fee for a Public Water System (PWS) operating permit is based on the type of PWS, the size of the population served by the PWS and the number of well and treatment plant infrastructure components associated with the PWS.

The Department's Administrative Services Division sends notices for operating permit renewal fees on annual basis. Renewal eligibility is contingent on compliance with the rules and regulations.

Closure of a Permit

Please contact the Drinking Water Program to obtain additional information on how to close a Public Water System.