Parent Ambassadors

About the Program

The Parent Ambassador program is designed to equip parents and guardians in Maricopa County with basic principles of public health and how they can create needed change in their local school districts. Through a comprehensive public health and advocacy curriculum (available in English and Spanish), parents are empowered to make a difference in their child's health by advocating for initiatives that improve the health and wellness of students. This may mean advocating for recess policy, healthier lunch options, or even advocating that the playground stay open after school.
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About Training

Schools, community centers, nonprofit organizations and faith based organizations that service adults with children within the education system can participate in the training.

Topics in the 2-day training include:
  • Advocacy and Public Speaking: Using Best Practices for Working With Schools
  • Arizona School Structures
  • Creating Action Plans
  • Public Health Policy and School Health Policies
  • What is Public Health?

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To learn more or find out about scheduling a training, please email us.