Variance Review & Appeal Process

Swimming Pool Variance Hearings

Variance requests are reviewed by the Swimming Pool Advisory Committee (SPAC) at a hearing open to the public. Swimming Pool Variance hearings are scheduled to be heard every second Thursday of the month when properly filed with the Division. A letter is sent to the Applicant in advance of the hearing notifying the Applicant of the date, time and location of the hearing.

Final Decision

Once the hearing has been completed, the SPAC recommends the approval or disapproval of the request to an Environmental Health Officer. The Environmental Health Officer renders a final decision within 10 days of receiving the Committee recommendations. A letter will be sent to the Applicant notifying the Applicant of the decision.


If the Applicant for the variance request is dissatisfied with the decision of the Environmental Health Officer, the Applicant may appeal to the Board of Health. Such appeals shall be presented to the Secretary of the Board of Health in writing, within thirty days after the filing of the decision of the Environmental Health Officer.
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