Upgrade to Version 5.3.0 From Version 4.8.2

Release Date

April 12, 2016


The Flood Control District of Maricopa County is officially releasing Drainage Design Management System for Windows (DDMSW) 5.3.0 to provide enhanced features and capabilities on the three (3) core modules of the software that include Hydrology, River Mechanics, and Storm Drainage Hydraulics and to resolve a number of bugs and issues that have been identified in the previous versions of the program. This will upgrade Version 4.8.2 of DDMSW to Version 5.3.0.

Upgrading DDMSW 4.8.2 to DDMSW 5.3.0

Before installing DDMSW 5.3.0, "backup" copies of old project data sets created in the previous versions of the program should be created. Although installation of the DDMSW 5.3.0 preserves old project data sets, it is still highly recommended to back up every project data sets in your current install of DDMSW before upgrading the program to the new version.

To back up old DDMSW project data sets, follow the following steps.
  1. Launch DDMSW and then complete the following steps.
    1. File
    2. Project Management
    3. Backup Project
    4. Select a Project
    5. Click the "Backup" button. The backup projects are saved in zip format to the "backup" sub-folder in the DDMSW installation folder.
  2. Copy the backup projects to a folder outside the DDMSW installation folders. It is always recommended to save backup projects to a different computer or hard drive for safe keeping purposes.
To upgrade your current version (DDMSW 4.8.2) to DDMSW 5.3.0, follow the following steps:
  1. Download the Upgrade setup file (ZIP). Right-click on the installation file and choose "Save Target As" to download the self-extracting file, FCDMCPATCH530.EXE, to the installation folder of DDMSW 5.3.0. (By default, the installation folder is C:\DDMSW530\ST).
  2. Run the Self-Extracting File. After saving the Patch to the same location where the current version of the DDMSW program has been installed, run the file. If the operating system is older than Windows 7, double-click on the FCDMCPATCH530.EXE. For Windows 7 or newer operating systems, right-click on the FCDMCPATCH530.EXE file and select "Run as administrator." During the upgrade, a windows form will pop up to show that the patch is installing.
  3. Check if the upgrade is successful. If successful, a message box pops up that reads, "All items for the DDMSW Patch were successfully extracted."
  4. Check if the installed version is correct. After the patch has been installed, DDMSW can be opened as usual. To check what version update is installed, click on "Help" and then select "About" from the pull-down menu to display the version number.


If you have any questions, please email Dr. Carlos Carriaga.