Permitting Services

Permitting Services represents five different departments responsible for various activities in Maricopa County. These departments are as follows: Air Quality (AQ), Environmental Services (ESD), Flood Control (FCD), Planning & Development (P&D), and Transportation (MCDOT).
  1. Business
  2. Construction
  3. Residential
  4. Events and Recreation

Air Quality Permits (AQ)

Permits are required for various activities and processes that emit smoke, fumes, vapors, particulate matter, dust, or other air pollutants. This includes, but is not limited to, activities and processes that burn any type of fuel, use organic solvents or materials, disturb the soil, process any type of soil, rock, or mineral, use thermal processes, or create particulate matter.

Campgrounds (ESD)

Permits are required for campgrounds that provide services (e.g. water, sewer, electric). 

Drinking Water Permits (ESD)

Permits are required for public water systems.

Floodplain Use Permit (FCD)

A permit is required for any development in a floodplain, including sand and gravel extraction.

Food Establishment Permits (ESD)

Permits/approvals are required for businesses providing food/beverages to the public.

Land Use (P&D)

Planning Services involved with a proposed and imminent "use" of a property or an existing use in an unincorporated area including the following: group home; home occupation/home day care; plan of development; special use permit; status report; temporary use permit; zone change/rezoning; military compatibility permit; use compatibility & consistency determination.

Onsite Wastewater (septic systems) (ESD)

Permits are required for new or remodeled onsite wastewater treatment and disposal facilities.

Public Accommodation  (ESD)

Permits are required for transient dwellings (hotels, motels, etc.)

Public School Grounds (ESD)

Permits are required for public and charter schools.

Subdivision & Infrastructure (ESD)

Approvals are required for water, wastewater and reclaimed water facilities and systems located within the public right-of-way.

Swimming Pools, Spas, and Splash Pads (ESD)

Permits are required for public and semi-public pools and bathing facilities.

Waste Haulers (ESD)

Permits are required for bio-hazardous medical waste transportation vehicles, chemical toilets, construction debris landfills, non-hazardous liquid waste (NHLW) transportation vehicles, non-hazardous solid waste (NHSW) transportation vehicles, portable restroom units, portable waste holding tanks, portable water transportation (hauling) and refuse containers included in a refuse collection frequency variance plan. 

Water Treatment & Reuse (ESD)

Approvals are required for water and wastewater treatment facilities, reclaimed water systems and reuse facilities.

Revised 4 September 2018