Combined Charitable Campaign

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors passed a Resolution for the Maricopa County Combined Charitable Campaign (CCC) on April 6, 2016. The Resolution directs the CCC Committee to solicit applications from 501(c)(3) agencies that are organized to provide services that provide direct local support to individuals and/or families in one or more of Maricopa County’s Designated Areas of Focus.
Designated Areas of Focus
Existing relationship with a County Department/Program (i.e. Animal Care and Control, Parks & Recreation, Maricopa County Library District, Human Services, etc.) NOTE: This does not include participation in previous Combined Charitable Campaigns.
Ensures Youth Succeed/Early Childhood Education
Successful Transition From Jail To Community (Reentry)
Ending Homelessness and Hunger/Affordable Housing
Veterans Focused Programs/Services

To maintain fiscal responsibility for the amount of time County personnel spends reviewing applications, total average donations from prior campaigns will also be considered. If an agency has participated in Maricopa County campaigns over the past two years and the average total agency donation was less than $500, the agency may be excluded from the campaign. Please review the Five-Year Agency Designation History prior to submitting an application.

Due to the agency-specific information requested, applications from Federations for member agencies will not be accepted. However, a Federation that meets the application criteria can apply as an independent agency for its own specific agency.

The CCC Committee reviews each organization's compliance with the stated eligibility criteria to ensure that all organizations listed in the campaign are eligible to receive and manage funds donated by Maricopa County employees. After the Committee reviews all applications, applicants denied participation will be notified of the Committee's decision.

Complete applications from 501(c)(3) agencies that meet the identified criteria and provide direct support to individuals and/or families in Maricopa County will be accepted until 5 p.m., Friday, May 25, 2018.