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Electronic Survey Options

The Travel Reduction Program (TRP) offers two methods for conducting the annual survey electronically: the internet (web-based) and the intranet (installed on your organization's network server). Both methods are available for Employee and Student surveys.

Internet Option (employees, students)

This is an excellent option for organizations that offer internet access to most employees. TRP also offers the option to conduct a 'mixed' survey - electronic for most employees, and paper forms for those that are unable to easily access the internet while at work. For high schools, colleges, trade schools and training facilities, this feature allows the option to electronically survey driving-age students. The expectation is that the school would provide internet access to the students for completing the survey.

In addition to saving paper and time, the system is designed to help respondents provide critical information to ensure the commute analysis is as complete and accurate as possible. While you will not be able to confirm which employees and/or students completed the survey online, you will be able to track the number of surveys completed to determine the response rate.

To test the internet version click Take Internet Survey and enter PRTND3-1-7 (employee survey only) or PRTND3-2-7 (student survey only) to log in. You may complete and submit a survey using these test codes.

To view a sample response rate report click TC Dashboard and enter PRTND3 to log in.

Intranet Option (employees, students)

While this option involves more coordination and planning, this may be the best choice for organizations that either: restrict/limit internet access, maintain high-security computer networks and/or would like greater control over identifying which employees and/or driving-age students have completed the survey. For organizations with an intranet web server, an intranet e-survey (ASPX) version of the survey is available for use within that system. When an employee/student completes the survey, the data is collected, stored in a .CSV file and placed in a web folder on your network. That .CSV file is then sent to the TRP for processing once all the data has been collected.

Utilizing the intranet survey is usually a team effort between a school's LAN administrators, web server administrators, electronic security, web programmers and the Transportation Coordinator. Our office will provide detailed instructions to assist with the installation of the software and collection/transfer of the survey data.

Paper Survey Samples

Employer - English

Employer - Spanish


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