HIPMC Structure

About the Steering Committee


The Steering Committee serves a variety of critical roles in support of improving population health outcomes through community collaboration. Members of the HIPMC Steering Committee are pivotal in:

  • setting a vision for collective action by creating the framework for the Maricopa County Community Health Improvement Plan;
  • offering guidance for operation and decision-making;
  • responding to current and emerging county health priorities using the latest evidence in population health planning;
  • appreciating the expertise of the community in health planning; and
  • recognizing the value and contribution each member of the community makes in support of our CHIP health priorities


Steering Committee members serve for two years per term, up to three consecutive terms. Current membership includes:

Kim BarnesUniversity of Arizona Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health
Marcus Johnson
Vitalyst Health Foundation
April Jones
Arizona Department of Economic Security
Marion Kelly
Mayo Clinic
Dulce Ruelas
Grand Canyon University
Lawrence SandsMidwestern University
Lauriane HansonEquality Health
Joseph LariosInsite Consultants
Alexandra OropezaChild & Family Resources
Wendy PugaChild & Family Resources
Xochitl WilsonEsperanca, Inc.
Jhoana MolinaMaricopa County Department of Public Health

Areas of Representation

The Steering Committee is comprised of a diverse membership of individuals reflective of our community population and health priority areas, as well as sector areas of expertise and knowledge, including, but not limited to:

  • CHIP health priority areas (access to care, access to healthy food, early childhood development)
  • Sectors (Education, Worksites, Healthcare, and Community)
  • Underserved populations/health disparities
  • Philanthropy
  • Policy/Legislative
  • Sustainability/Economic Development 
  • Data and Assessment
  • Faith-based 
  • Community-at-large and Youth representation

General Steering Committee Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Set the overall direction for identification of community health priority areas
  • Develop the HIPMC priority networks, ensuring that the greater public health system members are included, encouraging relationship building across the network and broad representation of diverse stakeholders
  • Oversee progress on the Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan, monitoring goals and ensuring that timelines are achieved through use of task forces and workgroups
  • Facilitate open communication across multidisciplinary members and groups for innovative problem-solving; serving as a sounding board for new ideas and opportunities for growth
  • Help monitor and communicate progress on the identified health priorities and measures with organizational networks, the HIPMC, and other stakeholders
  • Champion the HIPMC vision and values within the community; serve as an advocate for community health goals
  • Help identify gaps and recruit key partners and stakeholders for the Steering Committee, HIPMC at-large, or workgroups
  • Be alert to community concerns and opportunities regarding conditions impacting population health that can be addressed by the HIPMC mission, objectives, and programs.

Steering Committee Meeting Archives

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About the Backbone Organization

Maricopa County Department of Public Health (MCDPH) serves as the backbone organization for the HIPMC. What does that mean? MCDPH provides logistical and behind-the-scenes support for the organization, including but not limited to:

  • Event coordination, logistics, and staffing
  • Administrative support, such as taking and sharing meeting notes
  • Data support & resources
  • Access to evidence-based policies & programs
  • Determining goals & objectives
  • Strategic coordination & action planning
  • Evaluation (including survey reviews)
  • Marketing & communication 
  • Website administration of maricopahealthmatters.org