Rescue Medication & Surveillance in Schools

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Stock Albuterol Inhaler & Epinephrine Auto-Injector for Schools Program

UPDATE: Free stock albuterol inhaler and LiteAire® spacers for schools who enroll and complete the MCDPH School Surveillance and Medication Program (SSMP).

Our goal is to provide school systems with guidelines and implementation of policies and procedures that encourage schools to obtain a stock albuterol inhaler and epinephrine auto-injectors to potentially save lives of students with a severe unknown allergic reaction and/or respiratory distress.

For schools to participate, they must enroll in the School Surveillance and Medication Program (SSMP) web application. After completing and submitting each of the requirements, your school can obtain and receive annual standing orders and a prescription from the MCDPH Medical Director.

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Monitoring of respiratory illness at schools is one of the most important indications of flu in the community and MCDPH has been doing it since 2001. 

A web-based system, the SSMP, was created in response to the H1N1 pandemic to facilitate reporting of respiratory and gastrointestinal absences at schools. Participation is voluntary and the number of participating schools varies each year. It is very simple and easy to use. Most schools have the main office or school nurses report on this information.