Maricopa County has a wide range of permits. Please keep in mind, processes may vary depending on the type of permit you are applying for. If you are applying for a permit for the first time, you are encouraged to contact us at 602-506-xxx or Online.


Permits A-F

Agricultural Exemption

All Air Quality General Permits: Renewal

As-Built Plan of Development Permit

Asphalt Kettle General Permit 


Billboard Permit

Bio-hazardous Medical Waste Permit

Block Permit

Boarding Homes Permit

Burn Permit


Campground Permit

Caterers Permit

Cell Tower Alteration Permit

Chemical Toilets Permit

Commercial Accessory Permit

Commercial Addition Permit

Commercial Alteration
(Tenant Improvement) Permit

Commercial Manufactured
Building Permit

Compliance Inspection Permit

Comprehensive Plan Amendment,
General Permit

Comprehensive Plan Amendment,
Major Permit

Conditional Use Permit

Construction Debris Landfills Permit

Crematory General Permit


Development Master Plan Permit

Development Master Plan Minor
Amendment Permit

Development Master Plan Major
Amendment Permit

Dog Friendly Patios Permit 

Dust Control Permit

Dust Permit: Acreage Increase Request

Dust Permit: Cancellation Request

Dust Permit: Modification & Revision Form

Dust Permit: Parcel Change Notification

Dry Cleaning General Permit


Fence Permit

Final Plat Permit

Floodplain Use Permit

Floodplain Use Permit for Sand & Gravel

Flood Control Right-of-Way Use Permit

Food Establishment Permit   

Food Establishment: Fixed/Permanent Permit

Fuel Burning General Permit 

Permits G-P

Gasoline Dispensing General Permit 

Government Action Permit

Grading - Infrastructure/Subdivision
(max $42,000) Permit

Grading - Miscellaneous/Paving Permit

Grading - Stockpile/Grading Only Permit

Graphic Arts General Permit

Group Home Permit

Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic
System Permit

Home Day Care Permit

Home Occupation Permit

Jail Complex Permit

Legal Non-Conforming Use Permit

Micro Markets Permit

Military Compatibility Permit

Mining Exemption Permit

Minor Mechanical Permit

Minor Modification for Non-Title V Permits

Minor Plumbing Permit

Mobile Food Permit

Mobile Home Park Permit

Monument Sign Permit

New Commercial Construction Permit

New Community Public Water
Systems Permit

New Drinking Water Operating Permit:
Existing Public Water System Permit

Non-Hazardous Liquid Waste (NHLW)

Non-Hazardous Solid Waste (NHSW)

Non-Minor Modification for Non-Title V

New Cell Tower Permit

New Manufactured Home Permit

New Non-Transient Non-Community Public
Water Systems Permit

New Standard Plan Permit

Non-Title V Permit

Non-Title V Permit Renewal

New Transient Non-Community Public
Water Systems Permit

Plan of Development Permit

Plan of Development Major
Amendment Permit

Plan of Development Minor
Amendment Permit

Plan of Development Modification of
Conditions Permit

Pool and Spa Permit

Portable Waste Holding Tanks Permit

Portable Water Hauler Permit

Portable Restroom Units Permit

Preliminary Plat Permit

Public Accommodations Permit

Permits R-Z

Residential Accessory Permit

Residential Addition Permit

Residential Alteration Permit

Residential Grading Permit

Roof Mounted Solar Photovoltaic
System Permit

School Grounds Permit

Septic (Onsite) Permit

Single Family Home Permit

Special Events Permit

Special Use Permit

Special Use Permit Major Amendment Permit

Special Use Permit Minor Amendment Permit

Special Use Permit Modifications of Conditions

Stationary Source Dust Control Permit

Stationary Dust-Generating Source
General Permit (PDF)

Stationary Emergency Internal Combustion
Engine General Permit (PDF)

Stormwater Permit

Surface Coating and/or Abrasive Blasting
Operations General Permit  (PDF)

Swimming Pool (public/semi-public) Permit

Tanker Certification (Vapor Recovery)

Temporary Use Permit

Text Amendment Permit

Title V Permit

Title V Permit Modifications

Transportation (MCDOT) Right-of-Way Permit

Transportation Vehicles Permit

Transportation Vehicles: Refuse Haulers Permit

Transfer Ownership: Air Quality Permit

Up to 400 Service and Shared Well
Electrical Permit

Use Compatibility and Consistency
Determination Permit

Vapor Recovery Certification

Variance Permit

Vending Machines Permit

Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Refinishing General Permit

Wall Sign Permit

Wastewater Treatment Plant General Permit

Woodworking Operations General Permit

Zone Change Permit

Zone Change with Overlay Permit

Zone Change Major Amendment Permit

Zone Change Minor Amendment Permit

Zone Change Modifications of
Conditions Permit


Contacts us at (602) 506-xxxx or Online for more information.