99th Avenue Corridor Improvement Study

The 99th Avenue Corridor Improvement Study is looking at pedestrian and bicycle connections from Olive Avenue to Beardsley Road. The study will examine ADA compliance, existing development, current configuration of the roadway, storm history, and environmental considerations.

Milestone Schedule

Baseline Conditions Overviews Complete
Conceptual Alternatives Complete
Candidate Alternatives Complete
Candidate Alternatives Public Meeting September 10, 2019
Preferred Alternative November 2019
Preferred Alternative Public Meeting November 5, 2019
Final Report December 2019

All public meetings will be held at the Marinette Recreation Center Auditorium located at 9860 West Union Hills Drive in Sun City from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

Meeting materials will be provided following each public meeting. For more information regarding the study, please contact Angela Horn by phone at (602) 506-4176 or by email at angelahorn@mail.maricopa.gov

Candidate Alternatives Public Meeting Materials - September 10, 2019

Fact Sheet
Exhibit 1 – Study Area
Exhibit 2 – Sidewalk Alternatives
Exhibit 3 – Bicycle Alternatives

99th Avenue Corridor Improvement Study Map