Uniformed Security Presence /Screening Responsibilities

A uniformed security presence in multiple County facilities in providing a committed level of "guest services" to include offering escorts and directions to those seeking assistance from various departments located within County buildings, the screening of people and packages (x- ray and metal detection) to provide an enhanced degree of safety and security of all employees, guests, and visitors, and, generally, acting as ambassadors to County Government through quality customer service.

Dispatch Communications / CCTV Surveillance Monitoring

Maintaining a 24/7 Dispatch/Communications center capable of monitoring a complex security system consisting of multiple components (CCTV surveillance, door access controls, alarm monitoring, etc.), addressing all inquiries, emergency situations, and problematic conditions necessitating some degree of attention as it pertains to County Buildings and property, and coordinating appropriate personnel response.
Security Services

Responding to Calls for Service

Providing a security response to medical emergencies, smoke and fire reports, panic alarms, disruptive persons, reports of suspicious activity, trespassing complaints, threats, crowd control, parking complaints, personal injury occurrences, property damage reports, thefts, vandalism, and attending to all security inquiries necessitating a response that may include coordinating a Police presence. Additionally, assuming the availability of personnel resources, we provide a security presence for various building projects and other requests for security that eclipse general duty expectations to include providing a presence at our elections offices for "Primary" elections, etc.

Executive Protection / Special Assignments

Providing Executive protection for the Board of Supervisors, requested safety escorts, assisting HR with real or suspected workplace violence occurrences as well as standing-by during termination occurrences, assuring a physical presence at scheduled and un-scheduled public gatherings to include organized protests, and accommodating requests for threat assessments as well as training and education to include instruction in "non-violent crisis intervention" techniques.

Parking Program Management

Managing a comprehensive parking program that involves security access control and layers of parking regulation compliance for multiple parking structures and surface lots which accommodate 1.5 million people each year.

Shuttle Bus Program Management

Managing the shuttle bus program for employees traveling between several downtown County buildings during the course of the business day and assuring comfortable, convenient transportation services for jurors arriving for jury duty who have been previously directed to park at our Forensics Science Building located at 7th Ave. and Jefferson.

Access Control System Management

Managing and maintaining a comprehensive access control system involving system design and programming, software oversight and upgrades as needed and/or required, hardware management and procurement, and issuance of access and ID cards.

ID Card System Management / Background Checks

Responsible for conducting criminal background checks for vendors and contractors prior to the issuance of ID cards whereby access to various buildings and areas is choreographed and regulated to allow for the appropriate level of authorization as deemed necessary for the job or position.