Justice Web Interface (JWI)

The Integrated Criminal Justice System (ICJIS) Justice Web Interface (JWI) is a law enforcement and criminal justice portal developed and owned by Maricopa County.

Data Access Not Data Storage

The JWI does not store data; it provides access to over 265 legacy data sources along with many integrated data sources. JWI access to data sources is used to assemble related information and photos that can be rendered into an easy to read format for judges, probation officers, investigators, police officers and investigators.


JWI development is very closely tied to the Arizona Criminal Justice Information System (ACJIS) policies and benefits from an open dialogue between the state and the agencies, which are licensed to use the system. Now JWI has expanded its reach into interstate and federal resources and has become a universal application within Maricopa County for criminal justice information and research.

  1. Enhancements
  2. External Usage
  3. Internal Usage
  4. Technical Architecture

JWI is enhanced regularly by internal Maricopa County departments as well as external agencies licensed to use and maintain the application.

By agreement and practice, the majority of enhancements to JWI by outside entities are shared with internal Maricopa County users. This sharing of enhancements has served Maricopa County well, saving money, time and resources.

Examples of shared enhancements include:

  • Additional data sources and data rendering into CHD
  • Graphical and Night Vision interface improvements
  • Mobile Device capabilities for JWI
  • Parsing and rendering of criminal history data from all 50 states
  • Research for recidivism studies on multiple persons