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May 01

Helping Patients Get To Doctor's Visits

Posted on May 1, 2017 at 4:09 PM by Sonia Singh

We are finishing up the fiscal year in the Healthcare Cloud (our department's way of bringing together various programs around a common theme) and are happy with our accomplishments to date. In prior years, we had convened to discuss our respective programs and investigate opportunities to collaborate both internally and externally. Programs from other departments were featured as well as outside partners, and much collaboration was fostered as a result.

light_rail_trainThis year we changed things up to focus on an issue that impacts healthcare. We convened as more of a work group with the goal of reducing transportation barriers that impact healthcare. As imagined, this initially appeared to be a daunting task that perhaps we were not qualified to tackle. We held the first few meetings with the mantra that we may not be able to fix the system, but we would do our best to make a positive change or impact. We held many discussions facilitated by excellent internal talent. We continued to identify potential strategies that would accomplish our goal.

We continued to meet and eventually identified a strategy. As a work group, the Healthcare Cloud will produce information for Medicaid patients outlining easy steps to schedule transportation specific to their insurance provider. We are also looking at locations that may be best positioned to distribute this information for maximum impact. 

Charles Carpenter is a Health Initiatives Supervisor in the Office of Healthcare Innovations, as well as the Healthcare Cloud Leader. 

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