What is a Guardian?

A guardian is a person who has the legal authority to care for the personal and property interests of another personA guardian is appointed by the court for a person who is unable to take care their personal and medical needs themselves. The Public Fiduciary will only serve as guardian when there are no other alternatives or persons qualified.

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1. Who does the Office of the Public Fiduciary provide services for?
2. What is a Guardian?
3. Who is the Court likely to appoint as guardian?
4. What is a Conservator?
5. Are there any alternative options to petitioning for guardianship?
6. Where can I go to get help petitioning for guardianship?
7. What steps should be taken before considering a referral to the Office of the Public Fiduciary?
8. How is a Guardian and/or Conservator appointed?
9. Is setting up a guardianship expensive?
10. Is there a cost for service from the Office of the Public Fiduciary?
11. How is a referral made to the Office of the Public Fiduciary?
12. Is the Guardian responsible for the Ward's debts and expenses?
13. How do I find out more about guardianships and/or conservatorships?
14. What do I do if the Ward no longer needs a Guardian?