Why must I pay a permit fee?
Permit fees are intended to offset the cost to MCDOT for inspection to assure that the proposed improvements are built to County Standards and observe safety guidelines. Return to MCDOT

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1. My plans were reviewed and approved by MCDOT. How long is the approval valid?
2. I will be working on utilities or other facilities owned by another entity or jurisdiction? Does that entity need to review my plans?
3. Do I need to contact the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department (MCESD) if I intend to work on a water or sewer line?
4. I received my permit, when can I begin work?
5. My work is completed. Do I need to let MCDOT know?
6. How are permit fees determined?
7. Why must I pay a permit fee?
8. My permit expired but I still have work to do. How do I renew my permit?
9. I need to cancel my permit. Can I get a refund?
10. Are performance or surety bonds required for all MCDOT Right of Way permits?
11. I only need temporary Right of Way access. Do I still need a performance or surety bond?
12. My project is complete. How long will it take for my performance or surety bond to be returned?