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Animal Care & Control

  1. Animal Bite To Human

    Use this form to report an animal encounter (with or without a bite)

  2. Event Request

    Interested in partnering with MCACC for your next group volunteering or off-site event? We host groups for a variety of projects,... More…

  3. Happy Tails Success Stories
  4. Lost Pet Form
  5. Pet Owner Info Update

    Use this form to notify ACC of a change of Address, Phone Number or Email for the current owner.

  6. Received a Notice in Error

    If you have received a notice from us in error, let us know.

  7. Stray Dog

    Use this form to report a stray dog.

  1. Dog Status Change

    Use this form to notify ACC of your pet's status (pet is deceased, no longer the owner, etc.)

  2. Found Pet Form
  3. Leash Law Violation

    Use this form to report a violation of Maricopa County's leash law.

  4. Pet Bit by Wildlife

    Use this form to report an attack on your pet by wildlife or other dogs and cats.

  5. Photos of Love and Laughter, For Dogs' Sake.
  6. Recurring Donations

    Contact MCACC if you have questions regarding setting up a recurring donation to us.