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Plan Review/Construction Inspection Request Form

  1. Maricopa County Environmental Services Department
    Phone: (602) 506-6824

  2. This application/permit # is provided once you have submitted an application to the Department (see link below).

  3. If property does not have address, please provide cross streets

  4. Type of Inspection*

  5. Type of Inspection*

  6. Type of Facility*

  7. Type of Construction Inspection*

  8. Notarized Construction Certification Letter must be received via fax or email before Final Inspections are conducted. Please be aware that the letter uploaded has to be a document in PDF format.

  9. Type of Project*

  10. Disclaimer

    Information entered on this form will be retained by Maricopa Environmental Services Department and is a record as defined by Arizona law. This form will be provided without redaction in response to a public record request unless any of the information is exempt from release under Arizona law.

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